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Commercial Laundries of West Florida sells commercial laundry equipment and accessories to laundromats, schools, apartments, condominiums, and institutions. We also offer several different options to lease or buy laundromat equipment in Florida. In addition to that, we provide and maintain all laundry machines at no added expense to our leasing customer. Brand new commercial washers and dryers from today’s top brands including Huebsch, Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag come with no capital outlay and no more repair bills. Refurbished used commercial laundry equipment including commercial washers and dryers are also available. At Commercial Laundries of West Florida, we take care of all your needs.

When you are looking for laundromat equipment for lease in Florida, you can count on us to provide the latest coin-op and card-op laundromat commercial washers, dryers, and stackables that suit your needs. We also offer rental options and financing. When you need equipment, we are flexible enough to provide what you require. We also provide ongoing support for the equipment we provide; you can stay worry-free. We serve clients throughout the state of Florida. Contact Us Today 1-800-876-1477.


Huebsch Commercial Washing Machines

Huebsch which was founded in 1907 has been in the commercial laundry business for over 100 years. Their machines are known for their performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Whirlpool Commercial Laundry

Whirlpool Commercial Laundry offers energy efficient top-load washers, dryers, stack dryers, HE front load washrs, and stack washers/dryers in stylish designs that save money and help increase profits.

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry

Speed Queen has been making commercial laundry equipment since 1908, and laundry is all they do. They offer a variety of commercial laundry solutions for laundromats, multi-housing and on-premises locations.

Maytag Commercial Laundry

Maytag Commercial Laundry offers a full range of washers and dryers for vended, multi-housing, and on-premises markets that will help save on utility costs and optimize your profits. Their commercial washers, dryers, and stack laundry equipment are made from top-notch materials.

Commercial Laundry Equipment
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