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Speed Queen Coin Slide Commercial Washers & Dryers

for Multi-Housing

Our Speed Queen coin slide commercial washers and dryers are the perfect solution for your laundry needs. With their durable construction and advanced features, these machines provide a reliable and efficient laundry experience. Whether you’re operating a laundromat, multi-housing complex, or any other commercial laundry facility, our Speed Queen commercial washers will exceed your expectations. Experience the convenience and performance of Speed Queen coin-op washers today!

  • Built for Reliable Performance
  • Top Load Washer
  • Single Load Dryer
  • Stack Dryer
  • Front Load Washer

The Speed Queen Commercial Dryer has a wide range of multi-housing coin slide commercial washers and dryers including top load and front load washers and single and stack dryers. All Speed Queens coin slide washers and dryers feature energy efficient designs, quality materials, high security systems, and a high capacity meter case.

Top Load Washer Features:
High Speed Extract – 710 RPM final spin to maximize moisture removal, automatic balancing suspension, durable stainless steel and porcelain enamel wash tub, and four-vane agitator for superior washability regardless of load size.

Single Load Dryer Features:
Industry larges 2.06 sq. ft. door opening for quick loading and unloading. Efficient dryer heating for fast dry times 25,000 BTU for gas models and 5,350 watts for electric models. Upfront lint filters that are easy to clean. Reversible door for installation flexibility.

Stack Dryer Features:
The stack dryers have all the same features of the single load dryers but they allow for two dryers in the space of one which allows for more revenue. They bottom dryer is ADA compliant.

Front Load Washer Features:
Improved out-of-balance technology and a redesigned suspension and sensing to redistribute out-of-balance loads. Low water usage, 1200 RPM final spin with 440 G-force to maximize moisture removal from clothes and speed up dry times. 15.5″ large door opening for quick loading and unloading. Stainless steel wash tub with lifetime warranty that gets smoother with each use so it won’t pill, snag, or fray clothes. Multi-compartment supply dispenser which automatically adds detergent, bleach, and softener.

Contact us today for more information. We have various options to buy, rent, or lease commercial washers and dryers.


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{Note: Coin box sold separately}
Top Load Washer
Front Load Washer
Single Load Dryer
Electric 208: SDE907WF1500
Electric 240: SDE907WF
Gas: SDG909WF
Stack Dryer
Electric 208: SSESXAGS151TW01
Electric 240: SSESXAGS171TW01
Electric 208: SSESXAGW171TW01i
Porcelain, Stainless Basket/Cylinder Volume – cu.ft. (liters)3.26 (92.3)3.42 (96.8)7.0 (198)7.0 (198) ea pocket
Width – in (mm)25 5/8″ (651)26 7/8 (683)26 7/8 (683)26 7/8 (683)
Depth – in (mm)28″ (711)27 3/4 (704)28″ (711)28″ (711)
Height – in (mm) standard capacity high capacity/td>43″ (1092)
43 7/8 (1114)
43″ (1092)
44 3/8 (1126)
43″ (1092)
43 7/8 (1114)
78 3/16 (1986)
Weight – lb (kg)190 (86)253 (114.8)Electric: 135 (61)
Gas: 140 (64)
Electric: 265 (120)
Gas: 275 (125)
Shipping Weight – lb (kg)210 (95)273 (123.8)Electric: 145 (66)
Gas: 150 (68)
Electric: 280 (127)
Gas: 290 (132)
Cycle Time – minutes (default)28-31274545 ea
Motor – HP (kW)1/2 (0.37)0.9 HP (671 W)1/3 HP (5.5 amps)1/3 HP (5.5 amps)
Water Consumption – gal/cycle (Liter)27.3 (103.4)11.7 (44.3)N/AN/A
Water Factor – gal/ft³ (Liters/Liter/cycle)8.4 (1.12)3.8 (0.52)N/AN/A
Modified Energy Factor – ft³/kWh/cycle (Liters/kWh/cycle)1.65 (46.7)2.98 (84.48)N/AN/A
Average Hot Water Per Cycle – gal (Liter)2.3 (8.8)0.4 (1.4)N/AN/A
Water Pressure PSI (Bar)20-120 (1.4-8.3)20-120 (1.4-8.3)N/AN/A
Spin Speed – RPM2 sp 473 | 1 sp 710500, 800, 1000N/AN/A
Perm Press
Perm Press
Perm Press
No Heat
Perm Press
No Heat
Electrical Specifications and Circuit Requirements120/60/1-15 amp120/60/1-15 ampElectric: 120/208/60/1-30 amp
Electric: 120/240/60/1-30 amp*
Gas: 120-60/1-15 amp
Electric: 2 ea 120/208/60/1-30 amp
Electric: 2 ea 120/240/60/1-30 amp*
Gas: 2 ea 120-60/1-15 amp
Btu per Hour (kcal)N/AN/A25,000 (6300)25,000 (6300)
Heating Element**N/AN/A4750W, 208V | 5350W, 240V4750W, 208V | 5350W, 240V
Type of Gas (Gas models only)N/AN/AFactory-equipped natural/mixed gas convertible to LP gas**Factory-equipped natural/mixed gas convertible to LP gas**
Utility Connections – in (mm)N/AN/AGas: 3/8″ NPT (9.5)Gas: 3/8″ NPT (9.5)
Air Outlet Diameter – in (mm)N/AN/A4″ (102)4″ (102)
Exhaust Airflow – cfm (liters/sec)†N/AN/A220 (105)220 (105)
Maximum Exhaust Static Back PressureN/AN/A0.6″ W.C.0.6″ W.C.
Agency ApprovalcCSAuscCSAusElectric: cULus
Gas: cCSAus
Electric: cULus
Gas: cCSAus
ActivationCoin/Card OpCoin/Card OpCoin/Card OpCoin/Card Op
Top and Lid FinishPorcelainPorcelainPorcelainN/A
Door TypeN/AWindowSolidSolid, Window

* Electric dryers come equipped for 120/240/60/1 operation. They can be field converted to operate on 120/208/60/1 with optional 61928 conversion kit. Gas dryers can be field converted for operation on LP gas with optional 458P3 conversion kit.

** MPORTANT: Any product revisions or conversions must be made by the Manufacturer’s Authorized Dealers, Distributors, or local service personnel.

† Measured at point of exit from dryer.

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