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OPL Softmount Washer-Extractor 125lb

90-125 lb

  • Variable Speed Performance
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable Construction
  • Stainless Steel Cylinder and Outer Tub
  • Large Door Openings

The Huebsch OPL Softmount washer-extractor are available in 90 and 125 pound capacities and features variable speed performance with a max 350 G-Force will greatly reduce drying time. The softmounts are easy to install and because of their heavy-duty suspension don’t require and special foundations. Their durable construction includes high-quality stainless steel front, side, and top panels as well as stainless steel cylinder and outer tub. They are easy to load and unload due to the large door openings.

Enhance your business with state-of-the-art, OPL laundry equipment that guarantees optimal performance and efficiency. Our softmount washer-extractor is a standout product, designed for operations that crave superior results – commercial washer extractor capabilities meld seamlessly with the ease of a tub drain extractor. Capitalize on the benefits of using our soft washers, specially engineered for durability and energy efficiency. Suitable for a variety of business settings, the soft mount washer extractor is an asset to businesses aiming for high productivity without compromising on quality. Elevate your laundry operations with our top-notch OPL equipment, setting the benchmark for commercial laundry excellence. With our OPL laundry, softmount solutions are at your fingertips.

If you are interested in Huebsch commercial washers or dryers or other commercial laundry equipment to buy, rent, or lease for your facility please contact us today, financing options are available.


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Capacity – lb (kg)90 (40)125 (55)
Width – in (mm)47″ (1195)47″ (1195)
Depth – in (mm)56 1/2″ (1430)63 3/8″ (1610)
Height – in (mm)75″ (1905)75″ (1905)
Cylinder Diameter – in (mm)36″ (914)36″ (914)
Cylinder Volume – cu. ft. (liters)14.1 (400)18.3 (518)
Door Opening Size – in (mm)21 5/16″ (540)21 5/16″ (540)
Door Bottom to Floor – in (mm)28 3/4″ (730)28 3/4″ (730)
Wash Speed – RPM3838
Extract Speed – RPM830830
Extract G-Force350350
Water Inlet Connection – in (mm)3 x 1″ (25)3 x 1″ (25)
Steam Inlet Connection – in (mm)3/4″ (19)3/4″ (19)
Drain Diameter – in (mm)3/4″ (19)3/4″ (19)
Motor Size – hp (kw)10.06 (7.50)10.06 (7.50)
Voltage/Hz/Phase Circuit200-240V 50/60Hz 3phXX
400-480V 50/60Hz 3phXX
Shipping Dimensions Approx. – in (mm)Width56 5/16″ (1430)56 5/16″ (1430)
Depth61 13/16″ (1570)68 7/8″ (1750)
Height82 15/16″ (2105)82 15/16″ (2105)
Net Weight – lb (kg)3439 (1560)3594 (1630)
Shipping Weight – lb (kg)3748 (1700)3902 (1770)
Agency ApprovalsCSACSA
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