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Differences Between Soft and Hard Mount Washers

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BlogDifferences Between Soft and Hard Mount Washers
Differences Between Soft and Hard Mount Washers

There are so many options for commercial laundromat equipment and it can be a challenge trying to decide which is your best option. Whether you’re investing in laundromat equipment for business, you’re looking to upgrade, or you’re ready to lease commercial washers and dryers, you’re going to need some more information.

Installation is a huge part of starting, owning, and operating a commercial laundry business. Depending on the flooring of your building, you may need to consider both soft mount and hard mount washer extractors.

Commercial laundries house a variety of options including soft copper washers, amply designed to meet your laundry needs. For deeper cleaning, a laundry extractor might be the choice, engineered to extract as much water as possible from your laundry, reducing drying time. Whether you are dealing with hard washers or soft washers, understanding the pros and cons of each one can immensely improve your laundry business’s efficiency. The unimac washer extractor provides optimum performance, removing more dirt in less time. If you’re puzzled about how to soften copper washers, our site provides complete guidance. With knowledge about each commercial extractor washer and extractor washing machine, making an informed decision has never been easier.

What is a hard mount washer?

A hard mount washer, also known as a rigid mount, is installed by bolting it directly into the floor so it doesn’t shake around when it’s in use. Typically, you need a steel or concrete floor to bolt the machines down properly. If you don’t already have a steel or concrete surface, you’ll need to hide contractors to create a slab.

Hard mount washers require such a sturdy foundation because they don’t have shock absorbers or springs to handle the machine’s vibration. Hard mount machines are usually required to be on the ground floor or basement of a building for this reason as well. The slab underneath it has to be solid otherwise your floors can crack or your machine will cause damage to the building itself.

What is a soft mount washer?

Soft mount washers come with their own shock absorbers and springs within a cradle. Not only are soft mount washers easier to install, they also reduce vibrations from the machine when it’s being used.

Soft mount washers are more expensive because of their features. However, you can save on cost with a soft mount option because you won’t need to have a concrete slab poured or steel slab installed. Soft mount washing machines aren’t confined to basements and ground floors because of their shock absorbers.

Commercial Laundries of West Florida offers several different soft mount washer extractor options. We carry the Huebsch OPL soft mount washer extractor models in 20 – 70 pounds and 90 – 125 pounds. Both on-premise laundry models are easy to install, come with a stainless steel cylinder and outer tub, durable construction, are easy to install, and feature large door openings.

We have several ways for you to get started or update your commercial laundry services. From leasing to financing and purchasing, we offer a wide variety of resources to meet your goals. For additional information about leasing commercial laundry equipment and equipment servicing, contact us today!

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