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What to Do When Your Washer Won’t Spin

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BlogWhat to Do When Your Washer Won’t Spin
What to Do When Your Washer Won’t Spin

washing machinesYou just got a call from a customer at your laundromat, or a tenant in your apartment complex – the commercial washer will not spin. What do you do? The first thing you should do is make sure that they did not overload the machine and cause it to become unbalanced. If that isn’t the case, check out the following:

Check your Switches and Setting

There is a switch within the lid that detects when the door is open or closed. The washing machine will not run if the lid is open. Make sure the switch is in good condition. If it is broken, it could be preventing the machine from spinning.

Next, check the speed selector switch to make sure that it is not positioned between speeds.

Inspect your Washing Machine Drain Pump

It is also possible that a foreign object is lodged in the washer’s drain pump. If the washing machine is full of water but not spinning, listen for a humming sound that could indicate an issue with the drain pump.

Inspect your Laundry Machine Belts

The belts in your commercial washer can wear down, and potentially break. If you find a broken belt, make sure the pulley has not seized, which may actually be the root of the problem. Make sure you replace the belt and fix the pulley to prevent the same problem from happening the next time you run the washer.

Check the Motor

The washing machine’s motor uses a clutch to control the agitator or spin the basket, check to make sure that the motor is in good working condition.

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