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Benefits of Adding New Laundry Units

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BlogBenefits of Adding New Laundry Units
Benefits of Adding New Laundry Units

Owning multi-family units can be a profitable business venture on its own. One of the best ways to increase revenue is to upgrade the laundry space. Newer, faster washers and dryers will save you money, be more environmentally friendly, improve the aesthetic of your laundry space, and increase efficiency.

While the thought of buying new commercial washers and dryers for your apartment or multi-family home to save money may sound contradictory, here’s how it can save you money and bring in additional revenue.

High-quality laundry units for landlords can significantly enhance the overall resident experience in multi-housing properties. Providing modern laundry systems with smart laundry features addresses the growing demand for user-friendly laundry equipment that not only offers laundry technology improvements but also contributes to laundry room efficiency. Upgrading to energy-efficient laundry equipment, such as commercial washing machines and commercial dryers, not only caters to the evolving needs of tenant satisfaction but also promotes a property value increase. Investing in advanced laundry operations optimization, including the installation of electronic payment laundry machines like coin-operated washers and card-operated dryers, streamlines laundry service enhancement. Apartment complex laundry solutions that focus on laundry management and the maintenance of laundry units are pivotal to establishing a reliable and efficient on-premise laundry service. With the right laundry appliances for apartment buildings, landlords can expect a direct impact on their coin laundry revenue. Moreover, the integration of commercial laundry systems into multi-housing laundry rooms resonates with the convenience and efficiency today’s renters seek. Resident laundry services equipped with the latest laundry equipment upgrade offer significant laundry unit benefits – from improved laundry room design that maximizes space to the adoption of laundry management practices that simplify the user experience. By prioritizing investment in laundry facilities, landlords create a win-win situation where operational costs are reduced, and residents enjoy high-quality, accessible laundry services.

Payment Plans & Buying Options

Commercial Laundries has many machines varying in capacity and features to choose from so you can pick the unit that fits your needs. We have a generous financing program with a low fixed rate and no payments for 90 days if you choose to buy, but you can also rent or lease our commercial laundry equipment.

Upgrading your unit will positively affect not only your revenue but the environment as well. New laundry units are better at using less water and energy while also taking less time per cycle. This helps the environment, lowers your utility costs, and increases the number of potential loads that can be done.

How Well Do New Machines Clean Clothes?

Worried that the new units won’t clean your clothes as well? Good news. New units clean clothes just as effectively, if not better than old units. This is due to more advanced, faster spin cycles and features.

Over time older units can build up gunk. Gunk in this case is built up detergent, dirt, and lint. While regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent major damage and icky smells, over time that washer and dryer will become ineffective. Not only will it be depositing residue and dirt onto clothes the machines become inefficient at cleaning clothes and will eventually break down.

New units will not only mitigate the “ick” factor of old machines they look better too. Sleek new machines will give your laundry room the aesthetic boost it needs to bring it into 2020.

Modernize Your Machines

With the world moving in the direction of being completely cashless the best way to bring your machines into the 21st century is to install card readers on the machines. This will allow residents to put money on a laundry designated card and swipe at the machines for payment.

There are even card readers that are compatible with Apple Pay and other forms of contactless pay that will be much appreciated by your residents.

If your residents prefer coin-operated machines we have a large selection to choose from. Many of the washers even have enlarged coin holders. All of the coin-operated machines will allow you to also install the modern conveniences discussed above.

Another wonderful benefit of modern commercial washers and dryers is that they have customizable choices like wrinkle release or extra spin cycles. These choices can be monetized and increase your bottom line.

Return On Investment

While specific numbers are hard to calculate one thing is certain upgrading will save you money on your utility cost. Washers and dryers that were made twenty years ago were not made to be customizable and energy-efficient like the units today.

According to washcycle.com “Inverter drives save money on electricity, and new store operators are reporting utility costs at below 20% of their gross income. Owners of old stores with old equipment have confessed to utility costs as high as 40% against gross income”.

Since the newer machines allow for customization and

Timely Repairs

We guarantee our machines will last but if you happen to need repairs we will send one of our experienced technicians to service your machine. This not only saves you time, but it also saves you repair costs which are expensive in the first place and done incorrectly could be disastrous. Once you have chosen your new unit we will take care of the installation for you. Now the only thing left to do is watch the money come in.

Improve your ecofootprint, increase efficiency, and save yourself money with modern commercial laundry units from Commercial Laundries of West Florida. We sell all the top brands like Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Call our knowledgeable staff with any questions at our various locations across Florida or contact us online.

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