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ExpressWash Soft-Mount Washers

Continental Models: EH020, EH030, EH040, EH060, EH080, EH090

  • Efficiency Redefined
  • Profitplus Control
  • Built To Last
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Ease Of Maintenance

ExpressWash® High-Performance Washer-Extractors are designed to alleviate rising operational costs. They curb gas, water and electricity usage while increasing store capacity and enhancing the customer’s experience.

How? ExpressWash bring together a number of unique engineering elements, including a freestanding and sump-less design, high-speed G-force extract, exclusive AquaFall and AquaMixer systems, and superior owner programmability to cut utility costs, boost customer turnover, and save customers’ time.

Thanks to high-speed technology, ExpressWash allow customers to wash, dry and fold their laundry in 60 minutes or less — leaving machines open for another paying customer. This time-saving convenience is a powerful way to differentiate a store from its competition. ExpressWash deliver more washing capacity from a smaller footprint because more washers fit into your store. Making up more than 24 percent of the average laundry’s gross revenue*, profit-guzzling costs, such as rent, are reduced.

If you are interested in Continental commercial washers or dryers or other commercial laundry equipment to buy, rent, or lease for your facility please contact us today, financing options are available.

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Capacity lbs203040608090
Cylinder Diameter inch21.124.427.630.132.535.4
Cylinder Depth inch13.816.417.720.523.524.4
Cylinder Volume cu ft2.
Net Weight lbs2497581049128914993106
Crated Weight2718201091133815833405
Machine Dimensions inch WxDxH27 x 27.6 x 42.531.3 x 34.9 x 52.234.2 x 37.9 x 55.338.4 x 48.2 x 58.142.3 x 52 x 65.254.7 x 57.3 x 70.8
Door Opening inch12.712.916.816.816.822
Floor to Door inch15.42020.322.923.625.9
Shipping Dimensions inch WxDxH28.3 x 29.1 x 47.732.4 x 37.2 x 58.535.3 x 40 x 61.639.4 x 49.6 x 64.242.3 x 52 x 65.259.8 x 62.2 x 79.9
Washing Speed rpm504845384240
Spin Speed rpm50/100/400/600/800/97048/100/400/600/800/100045/100/375/570/750/95038/86/350/550/725/96683/335/530/698/93140/79/325/490/675/870
Static Force Transmitted lbs3409021237152818503547
Dynamic Force Transmitted lbs115201212291412556
Frequency of Dynamic Force Hz16.216.715.816.115.514.5
Available Voltages/Wire Conductor/Amp120/60/1, 3-prong cord, 15
208-240/60/1, 2W+G, 5
208-240/60/1, 2W+G, 10208-240/60/1, 2W+G, 10208-240/60/1, 2W+G, 15>
208-240/60/3, 3W+G, 10
3W+G, 15 Amp
3W+G, 15 Amp
3W+G, 10 Amp
208-240/60/3, 3W+G, 15
440-480/60/3, 3W+G, 10
440-480/60/3, 3W+G, 10
Drain DiameterPump Drain 1
Gravity Drain 2
Water Inlets inch3/42 @ 3/42 @ 3/42 @ 3/42 @ 3/42 @ 1
Recommended Water Pressure PSI30-6030-6030-6030-6030-6030-60
Water Flow gal/min81616161626
Total Power kW0.80.871.31.884.24.8
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