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Renting/Leasing Laundry Equipment in Florida

  • March 30, 2020
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Florida has ample opportunities to start or change up your commercial laundry income strategy. Everyone needs to do laundry and you can fill that need in the market with your own business.

Many Old Homes Don’t Have Existing Laundry Equipment

It’s surprising how many older homes in Florida don’t have existing washers and dryers. Homeowners can’t always afford to purchase and install their own, or they simply don’t have the space. Daily and weekly laundry trips are a necessity and homeowners have come to rely on laundromats for extended operating hours.

Lots of Beach Goers & Pools

Florida has a lot of tourists and locals visiting the beaches for several months out of the year. Family and friends come to visit to hop in the water. This means an excess of bathing suits and towels that need to be washed and dried quickly before the next plane. Residential washer and dryers can do the trick, but it’s more efficient to do them all at once commercially.

Some People Don’t Want to Install Their Own Washer & Dryer

Just because an apartment or home has the proper hook-ups, doesn’t mean that the renter or homeowner is going to take advantage of them. The option to purchase isn’t always an affordable or necessary one, especially if the tenants are planning to move soon or just relocated. The decision to get a residential washer and dryer can sit lower on the priority list which means laundromats are still being frequented.

Apartments Often Don’t Have Space for In-Unit Equipment

The opposite situation can also apply. A Florida renter or condo-owner may have the means and desire to purchase their own residential equipment, however, the don’t have the space. This can be problematic for people who choose to drastically downsize. Downsizing might mean slightly less laundry, but it doesn’t mean no laundry.

Some People Prefer To Do Laundry In Bulk

Residential laundry machines have some downsides including the inability to do a lot of laundry in a very short period of time. This gives the laundromat the advantage. New parents may have an excess of laundry due to cloth diapers, baby clothes, and sheets or blankets. A mountain of laundry might take an entire day at home with one washer or dryer. It could take even longer if the laundry equipment is shared by multiple residents at a condo or apartment complex. Commercial washers allow people to accomplish this same task in a couple of hours, usually without interruption and long wait times due to machine sharing.

Commercial Laundries of West Florida has several options for you to get started or update your commercial laundry services. From leasing to financing, we offer a variety of resources to fit your needs. For more information about leasing commercial laundry equipment and equipment servicing, contact us today.

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