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Identifying Problems with Your Commercial Dryer – Pt. 1

black and white photo of laundromatWhen you run a commercial laundry service, you may encounter issues with your dryers from time to time. Here are some common problems that can occur:

No Heat

The most common problem that occurs in commercial dryers is a lack of heat. The drum continues to turn, but the clothes just won’t dry.  The most common problem is a bad ignition, depending on what type of ignition system the dryer runs on.

  • Glow-Bar Ignitions – A glow-bar ignition works by sending electricity through a heating element until it is hot enough, which signals the gas valve to turn on. Check the glow bar when the dryer is in operation. If it doesn’t begin to glow red hot, you will need to check the voltage.
  • Spark Ignitions – Spark ignitions light the gas by generating a spark rather than heating the glow-bar. If you do not hear the spark igniting, or it won’t stay on, you may have a faulty ignition cable.
  • Gas Valve Coil – If the gas valve doesn’t click, or the glow-bar is turning on and off, or the spark is working correctly, you may be experiencing an issue with the gas valve coil.
  • Sail-Switch – The sail-switch is a component that pulls in when the air starts circulating in the dyer. Heavy lint buildup or a blocked exhaust vent can reduce circulation, causing the sail-switch to fail. This, in turn, shuts off the heating Make sure the sail-switch is properly aligned.
  • Ignition Modules – If no voltage is coming through your ignition modules, you may have an issue with your transformer.

A dryer that does not produce any heat is simply the most common issue. In our next post, we will walk you through two more issues that can happen to your commercial dryer. When you need new commercial dryers in Florida, contact Commercial Laundries of West Florida. We offer the highest quality laundry equipment available to buy, rent, or lease and provide ongoing support for the equipment. Several financing options are available.

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