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Huebsch Commercial Washers

We specialize in providing the best in commercial laundry services, tailored to fit a variety of needs, from bustling businesses to cozy apartments.

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Huebsch Commercial Washers

It can be a lengthy process to consider different types of washing equipment for your coin laundromat, or other on-premise or commercial laundry facility. We’ve put together a quick guide for you to help make these decisions easier and faster.

What’s the difference between a regular washer and a washer-extractor?

This is one of the many frequently asked questions about commercial washing. Washer-extractors are also known as commercial washers, or commercial washer-extractors. Many commercial washers have features that most residential washers don’t have like coin-timed cycles.

Residential washers are typically built to handle the normal wear and tear of household laundry. They aren’t built to handle large laundry loads that are running all day, nearly every single day like commercial washer-extractors are.

Another difference between a regular washer and a washer-extractor is the size. Washer-extractors are, very simply put, like larger versions of the typical front-loading washing machine you’d find in someone’s home. They’re often relatively easy to operate for this reason as most people are already familiar with residential washing machines.

Washer-extractors use high speeds after the wash cycle to extract moisture from clothing and other fabrics. This kind of extraction allows the drying process to be much faster. Not only is shortening the drying cycle efficient, but washer-extractors are also known for the efficient use of water in terms of gallons per pound of laundry.

What types of commercial washers do we offer?

Commercial Laundries of West Florida is proud to offer several different types of Huebsch washer-extractors that meet different needs.

Huebsch Vended Galaxy 600 Washer-Extractor (with eBoost)

For state-of-the-art commercial washers, look no further. The Vended Galaxy 600 machines have eBoost technology to use 33% less electricity and 17% less water than other models. Complete with multi-level pricing, this Huebsch machine is going to save you money and protect your bottom line.

Huebsch On-Premise Laundry (OPL) Softmount Washer-Extractor 90 – 125 lb

With 90 and 125 pound capacities, easy installation, and sturdy suspension, the Huebsch OPL Softmount 90 – 125 lb. machines make a great addition to any on-premise laundry facility. This model’s speed performance makes for drastically shorter drying times.

Huebsch On-Premise Laundry (OPL) Softmount Washer-Extractor 20 – 70 lb

The Huebsch OPL Softmount 20 – 70 lb. machines come in six different capacities and use 15% less water consumption. Just like the 90 – 125 lb. model, the OPL boasts a stainless steel frame and high-speed extracts greatly shortening drying times.

Where is your Huebsch machine services location?

Commercial Laundries of West Florida is located on Johns Road in Tampa, Florida. We take care of all commercial equipment service and maintenance. Commercial Laundries offers a full line of equipment services maximizing your machine’s operational time.

Should any Huebsch commercial laundry equipment issues come up, our highly trained technicians will be there quickly. Our team gives you efficient service to get your commercial equipment up and running in no time. For more information about OPL washer-extractors, you can download the detailed specifications sheet. We offer options to finance, lease, and more – making your commercial laundry needs more affordable and accessible than ever. Be sure to view our services menu for information about our Huebsch commercial washers and leasing commercial laundry equipment.

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