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Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Washing Machine

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BlogMaintenance Tips for Your Commercial Washing Machine
Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Washing Machine

Man in laundromat sorting through his laundryWhen it comes to the longevity of your commercial laundry equipment, preventative maintenance is essential. Being familiar with the inner workings of your commercial washers and performing regular maintenance tasks will keep them in excellent condition, so you avoid a costly replacement. Here are some tips for maintaining your commercial washers in Florida.

High-capacity washing machines are integral in providing efficient laundry management for large-scale washing facilities. Proper commercial laundry equipment care not only enhances the laundry service offered but also plays a critical role in extending equipment life. To ensure that your industrial washing machines operate at their peak performance, it’s essential to follow laundry industry best practices for washer maintenance procedures. Maintaining washer performance through regular washing machine maintenance can lead to improved laundry business efficiency and a prolonged laundry machine lifespan. Attention to detail in commercial washer tips, such as inspecting for wear and utilizing professional laundry solutions, makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of your commercial laundry operations. Implementing thorough laundry equipment servicing can help in optimizing commercial washers and consequently, reduce downtime and costs associated with repairs. Adherence to commercial washer care not only sustains the quality of your industrial laundry machines but also maintains the reputation of your services. Upholding these standards is vital for any enterprise aiming to excel in commercial laundry.

Clean the Screens – To keep your commercial washer in top shape, we recommend cleaning or replacing your water filter screens on a regular basis. These screens can be blocked by accumulated particles which can slow down water flow to the machine.

Use the Right Cleaner – Always use the manufacturer-recommended cleaners to prevent damage to the machine or the clothing that is washed in it.

Check the Hoses – Inspect the outlet and inlet hoses along with the joints and connections. If you notice leaks or sediment buildup you will want to change the hoses out to prevent costly water damage.

Check the Shutoff Valve – Check to make sure your shutoff valve is not corroded by opening and closing it repeatedly. It shouldn’t be difficult to move, and it shouldn’t get stuck.

Check the Belts – Inspect the moto to the drum and make sure it is fee of splitting and fraying or any other form of damage.

Wipe Down the Gaskets – The last thing you want is for your frontloading washers to lose their water-tight seal. Regularly wipe down the gasket on the door to remove any mineral deposits that can damage the seal. Leaving the doors open when not in use can help prevent buildup.

Clean the Soap Dispensers – Clean out the soap dispensers on a regular basis to prevent hardened soap buildup. Hot water should be enough to do the trick.

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