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What to Do When Your Commercial Washer isn’t Draining Properly

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BlogWhat to Do When Your Commercial Washer isn’t Draining Properly
What to Do When Your Commercial Washer isn’t Draining Properly

washing machine full of sudsDrainage problems are a common issue that you may face with your commercial washers. There is a range of issues that could be causing your machine to malfunction, but there are four main culprits that you should look into first:

Drain Hose – If your commercial washing machine is not draining properly, a clogged drain hose could be to blame. Remove the hose and check for clogs. You should also ensure that there are no kinks in the hose that could be causing a blockage.

Drain Pump – It is also possible that your drain pump could be clogged. You can check for this by draining your tub and disconnecting the hoses to check for objects in the pump. If the pump is locked up for any reason, it can cause your motor to seize up as it continues to try to turn the pump. Other issues that you may encounter with your drain pump include:

  • Bearings are seizing.
  • A foreign object is jammed in the pump.
  • The impeller blades are broken.

Foreign Objects – Sometimes small objects like pens, coins, or socks can become wedged between the tub and the basket. These foreign objects can also get lodged in the pump, which compromises the draining ability of your washer. Open the cabinet of the machine to search for foreign objects that may be obstructing the drain.

Detergent – If a customer has put too much detergent in the machine, it will cause an overabundance of suds, preventing the appliance from draining properly.

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