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Identifying Problems with Your Commercial Dryer – Pt. 2

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BlogIdentifying Problems with Your Commercial Dryer – Pt. 2
Identifying Problems with Your Commercial Dryer – Pt. 2

washers and dryers in laundromatIn our last post, we identified the most common issue that occurs in commercial dryers (no heat) and walked you through the various causes of this issue. Here are two additional problems you may encounter and what to look for when they occur.

Efficiently functioning laundry equipment is essential for any commercial operation. Regular dryer maintenance is crucial to ensure that your industrial dryer performs at its peak, minimizing laundry equipment problems. A well-maintained machine not only operates more efficiently but also prevents the frequent need for commercial dryer repair. By addressing dryer troubleshooting early on, businesses can extend the lifespan of their laundry machines and reduce operational downtime. In the realm of commercial laundry systems, it’s important to understand the nuances of solving dryer issues with a sound laundry solutions approach. Certified repair professionals bring their expertise in industrial drying machines and commercial washing machines to the table, ensuring top-notch dryer service. Engaging in preventative dryer maintenance can avert major breakdowns and maintain consistent performance. For those seeking commercial laundry advice, expert laundry tips on professional dryer servicing can make a significant difference. It’s crucial to rely on repair technicians well-versed in troubleshooting laundry equipment. Having a dedicated dryer repair service that responds promptly and effectively ensures that your laundry operations run smoothly, which in turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention. Investing in regular checks and alignments by service providers specializing in commercial dryers, from the maintenance perspective, could mean fewer emergency repairs and enhanced overall efficiency. This approach upholds the primary goal of optimal functionality within commercial laundry environments, ensuring that every part of your commercial laundry system works in unison to achieve the best results.

Nothing Turning On

If you turn the dryer on and lights won’t come on the drum won’t turn, it can be the result of a few different problems:

  • The Circuit Breaker – With 220V machines, you need to make sure you have all legs of your power working properly.
  • The Neutral Leads – This issue may be the result of a bad power cord, especially in 120V machines.
  • The Control Fuses – Make sure all of the control fuses are in working order.
  • The Transformer – Make sure the incoming and outgoing voltage matches the schematic voltage listed on the transformer.

Drum Won’t Turn

If the lights in the dryer come on, but the drum won’t turn, this could indicate a few different issues, including:

  • The Door Switch – If the door switch is not adjusted properly or is broken, it can stop the drum from turning.
  • The Belt or Chain – Check to ensure that the belt or chain that turns the drum is working properly.
  • The Conduit – When the moto rotates in its cradle it can pull out the conduit and wires. Secure the motor and repair any frayed wires until you can get repairs.
  • The Start Circuit – If the dryer only functions when you are holding the start button there is an issue with the start circuit. This will require a motor replacement.
  • Main Start Contactor – Make sure the main start contactor located in the rear control panel is working properly.

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