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black and white photo of laundromatOperating a commercial dryer can often present a range of issues, from common dryer problems to specific issues with big-name brands. Be it a Maytag commercial dryer, Samsung, or Whirlpool, dryer troubleshooting is crucial to keep your business running smoothly. Whether it’s a problem with the whirlpool stacked washer/dryer or with the simpler clothes dryer, understanding the common dryer issues and having a keen knowledge of dryer diagnostics helps address them promptly. Also, keep in mind, even specialized equipment such as a harvest right freeze dryer can have problems. With a clear understanding of what the most common dryer problems are and how to effectively employ clothes dryer troubleshooting, your commercial washer and dryer will maintain their optimal performance, ensuring a seamless laundry experience at your commercial setup.

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Man in laundromat sorting through his laundryWhen it comes to the longevity of your commercial laundry equipment, preventative maintenance is essential. Being familiar with the inner workings of your commercial washers and performing regular maintenance tasks will keep them in excellent condition, so you avoid a costly replacement. Here are some tips for maintaining your commercial washers in Florida.

Clean the Screens – To keep your commercial washer in top shape, we recommend cleaning or replacing your water filter screens on a regular basis. These screens can be blocked by accumulated particles which can slow down water flow to the machine.

Use the Right Cleaner – Always use the manufacturer-recommended cleaners to prevent damage to the machine or the clothing that is washed in it.

Check the Hoses – Inspect the outlet and inlet hoses along with the [...]

laundromatOur main goal is to help our coin laundry clients achieve success – that’s why we provide top-of-the-line laundry equipment and world-class customer service. Whether you’re a new investor who is just starting out in the laundry business or a long-time client looking to add new machines to their stores, we can help you out. We can offer assistance in every facet of your business from providing equipment to selecting the ideal site and even marketing your laundry business.

In this blog, we will discuss any and every topic that we think will interest laundromat owners. We will be writing blog posts covering everything from how to tell if your equipment needs repairs or replacement to brand comparisons. We will be posting interesting and informative content on a regular basis, so don’t miss out! If you own a [...]

A washing machine standing against a white brick wall
Commercial Washers and Dryers for Leasing  and Sales in Florida Everything you could need!   Quality rebuilt equipment available for sale! Do you need a commercial washer and dryer? CLWF sells commercial grade laundry equipment and accessories to laundromats, schools, apartments, condominiums, institutions, and other OPL locations. We also offer several different options to lease coin operated laundry machines or to buy laundromat equipment in Florida. In addition to that, we provide and maintain all laundry machines at no added expense to our leasing customers. Brand new commercial washers and dryers from today's top brands including Continental, Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag come with no capital outlay and no more repair bills. Refurbished used commercial laundry equipment including washers and dryers are also available. We take care of all your needs. The Trusted Choice for Commercial Laundry Equipment in Florida Looking to elevate your laundry business or facility with top-tier commercial laundry equipment? CLW [...]
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