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Rent, Lease, or Buy Laundromat Equipment in Florida


Let CLWF assist you with commercial laundry equipment for your business.

We can help any size business, including laundromats, on-premises laundries, multi-family housing properties, hotels, motels, assisted living facilities, medical facilities, educational institutions, fitness centers, correction facilities, military, and government facilities. At CLWF we have the products and services you need at a competitive price whether you are looking to lease, rent, or buy laundromat equipment in Florida. We have several different financing options available to help make your purchase of new commercial laundry equipment affordable

Whether you are looking to open your first laundromat or replace equipment at an existing location, CLWF is the answer. We have the expertise and product line to assist you in opening a new business, significantly upgrade your existing business, or simply replace a few pieces of aging equipment with much more energy-efficient and cost-effective commercial washers and dryers in Florida.


Commercial Laundries tailors each equipment installation program to fit your specific needs. Our extensive knowledge of supporting the multi-housing industry will help us provide you with the correct equipment, along with the latest technologies in the industry. We offer cashless payment programs that accommodate the ever-changing advances in technologies. We have a broad base of equipment that will provide the right fit for your business. Our experienced and highly trained sales team will work with you to meet your every need, whether you are looking for commercial laundry equipment rental in Florida, leasing, or to purchase new equipment. We recognize that the laundry center in an integral part of your property and also contributes to your income stream. Call now to find out how we can help you at 1-800-876-1477.

We Provide

Commercial Laundries professionally installs, maintains and collects revenue from the equipment. Your share is remitted to you base on the agreed upon terms.

Equipment Leasing

We offer alternatives to the equipment installation plans. We strive to make the installation/share plans flexible by providing you with options that work best for you.

Equipment Sales

Commercial Laundries of West Florida has been supplying laundry equipment to properties for 35 years and we back our sales up with top of the industry technical support.

Equipment Service

We offer full line of equipment services to help you maximize operational time for your machines. We offer prompt efficient service and get the equipment up and running quickly.

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